Physical Changes!… 🌸

I’ll be Using This Page To Talk About Physical Changes Things I’m Experiencing on A Regular Basis So Feel Free To Pree & Comment! 

I remember my first physical change, MORNING SICKNESS 😷 Contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t just happen in the morning, but any time of the day/night. It was something I woke up with & had multiple times in the day & night. Absolutely horrible! I had this from the beginning consistently up until I was 14 weeks. Then it simply disappeared 😂 sometimes a smell would trigger it, something I ate and sometimes nothing at all. When you eat something and your stomach starts turning within 10 minutes, that is bubba telling you, I DON’T LIKE IT! Listen to them or you’ll pay the price. As a result of being so ill, I dropped 2.3 stone in my first trimester. But to be fair not everyone has this & it’s different in every mother to be! 

Abdominal & stomach cramps are common! I started having cramps from the beginning around 7 weeks. I suffered from extreme period pain before so these cramps to me were minor! Everyone has a different pain threshold and it’s difficult to describe but I’d say it felt like tightening in the bottom of my belly. Of course, as a first time mum I was concerned and took a trip to the EPU (early pregnancy unit) to find out if everything was ok. Sure enough I was assured it was Normal and my overprotective motherly instincts were in full effect 😂

 Basically, as your pregnancy progresses, your uterus grows therefore stretching the abdominal muscles to accommodate room for your bundle of joy. As these changes occur, your body experiences pains and cramps here and there but I can assure you, they’re not excruciating and don’t last for long periods. I looked at it as minor discomfort for a greater good 😇 

Honestly, going to wee is the most regular exercise you’ll do while pregnant. It’s one of those tasks where EVERY trip is urgent. Hold it? Maybe at the beginning but by half way, holding it would start a pain you definitely don’t want to encourage and believe me you can’t ignore. If you need to go, GO! I’ve learnt  that the hard way. It’s safer and less painful to go toilet every 2 hours (yes 2 hours 🙄) but all in all it’s not the worst part of pregnancy 😂 promise 😇

Back pain is a common thing during pregnancy but can start at different times for different women. I had relatively minor to no back pain in my first trimester. I only really felt it when I had been on my feet all day like when I was at work. At around 14 weeks I was diagnosed with sciatica and had it ever since. Sciatica is the pain caused by pressure being put on the sciatic nerve which runs in your spine. Some find they have back pain or pain in their buttocks that runs into their legs. Unfortunately it is common in pregnancy and will present itself randomly for the rest of your pregnancy aswell as life after labour. I had my off days and sitting for long periods left me somewhat bent over like a 90 year old but thankfully it’s not all the time and manageable. However, now in my last trimester the back pain is exhausting aswell as constant. It’s due to the weight of baby, weight of uterus, bigger boobs & everything inbetween. I’m not even a big mum to be and my baby bump is nearly invisible so I honestly feel sorry for the mamas who carry heavier. But honestly, it’s manageable and plenty of rest is advised.

Sleepless nights become a common part of your pregnancy & some get it at different points. As you get bigger & baby gets heavier you’ll find your sleeping position becomes difficult and you may be really unsettled. I realised I could sleep on my front with one leg up until I was around 24/25 weeks. From that point I have to sleep on my side. They recommend you sleep on your left side but I’d say sleep wherever you can get comfortable 😂 Another thing that makes it difficult is your lil bundle is moving away and I promise you the movements start as small ripples to full on kicks and bumps. 

This may look like a bedtime selfie but I wanted to highlight something. I have never had a regular skin regime as I’ve been blessed  with good skin & don’t have much of an interest in make up, I wear it every now & then. Up until 25 weeks I had my flawless glow from my beautiful son but recently my skin has had breakouts & gets sooooooooo dehydrated. Literally in the last couple days I’ve had a crack in the corner of my lip that has literally become painful to talk, eat or do anything as it’s stripping and cracking. Coconut oil seems to be helping but it’s so painful 😥 my forehead gets fine bumps but I believe it’s from my hair products & I have sensitive skin. I found drinking water, eating more fruits & stay as stress free as possible helps the symptoms aswell as my blueberry face mask & vitamin E face wash & toner. (See page Muva’s Must Haves). Don’t be alarmed ladies, some ladies breakout early, some breakout throughout, some have a one off & some never do but remember it’s temporary and the hormones are simply doing their job ✨ Embrace it! 

I’d say I’ve been pretty lucky to have mild breast pains but some ladies experience quite sharp pains in their breasts as their pregnancy progresses. I realised in extremely cold conditions I tend to have very sensitive & tender breasts but apart from that I was ok. These pains and twinges are normal as the hormones produced in pregnancy effect different women in different ways. If you’re ever concerned or it becomes excessive then contact your midwife or maternity triage.

A huggggeee change in the third trimester is constant constipation! The combination of that & trapped gas can make you feel like you’re going into labour. The pressure & pain can become so intense & sharp that I’ve physically cried & been doubled over, praying for relief. Having regular smaller meals help aswell as an upgrade in your fibre intake. I would also recommend plain hot water can  & not over eating. Honestly, these are the worst pains I’ve experienced throughout the whole journey & at times make me feel like my ribs are gonna crack or stomach is gonna tear (not that I know what that feels like) 😂