Muva Nae’s Must Haves…🌸

You definitely need this in your life from day one till the end! I have suffered with heartburn the WHOLE way so far & honestly this has been a godsend! I can’t live without it!


Water is sooooooooo key in pregnancy! Omg! I go through this 2L bottle in a day (which isn’t even a lot). If you have a pregnancy like mine where your appetite is non existent or you suffer from hyperemesis gravidarum (severe morning sickness) it is extremely important to stay hydrated! I also must warn you, it is common to have multiple water infections (UTIS) in pregnancy so water is key to flushing the system! Make sure you’re drinking plenty of it as the sugary drinks are don’t always help in the long run. 

Up until I was 14 weeks I was taking folic acid and vitamin D. After that point I was recommended these babies. Taking them makes a massive difference with my energy and I definitely feel as though it helped with my nausea. 



I absolutely loooovvveeee this! It’s perfect for my back ! After being diagnosed with sciatica at 11ish weeks the pain I get in the left side of my back and top of my leg can be horrendous. But regular walking, swimming and these patches seem to make it more bearable. I normally use these at night as they last 12 hours. I normally use them twice to 3 times a week and apply after a warm bath or shower. 
Pack of 7-

Before pregnancy,  I was fortunate enough to not have a regular facial regime and have good skin. I haven’t suffered from any acne or major changes however I do get VERY dry skins I I thought I’d try something new. This vitamin E range from Body Shop is perfect! I use the facial wash, toned and aqua boost cream every other night (sometimes a lil longer when I’m lazy or forget lol) and it leaves my face refeshed & hydrated. Another thing I love is that the smell is fresh and not too overbearing for my pregnant monster nostrils πŸ˜‚πŸ˜ 


Facial Wash-


“I’m expecting” is an app that has seen me from the beginning and I will continue to use it until my bubba is here. It tells you how many days remaining, what trimester you’re in, what size your bubba is, changes to expect, a to do list, symptom checklist & soooooo much more! It also has online forums which relate to your due date & age group so you can see other mum to be’s questions, thoughts & experiences. Absolutely love this app 😍 

Virgin coconut oil is everything!! I literally use it on everywhere πŸ˜‚ I use it to moisturise my hair (when it’s wet & dry), I use it on my skin (British cold weather causes my skin to be very dehydrated), I use it to massage and lotion my bump & I use it for foot rubs & massages 😜 It can also be used for cooking as its supposed to be healthier but I haven’t tried that method yet. But honestly it hydrates anything & has a smell to die for! 😍

The must have isn’t acrylics but more about something you love. It is so important to find something you like or relaxes you to do regular when you’re pregnant. Make sure you dedicate “me time”. I love getting my hands & feet done and use it as my reflection time. Whether you like getting your hair done, painting, swimming, gym, doing your nails, whatever, make sure you take the time to do it!! 

Not on all ladies are comfortable but I loved my granny knickers (the ones above are maternity high waist briefs, I bought normal ones just bigger sizes). Some ladies are comfy with their thongs, hipster or low knickers which is fine! As long as they don’t squash or restrain your bump go for what makes you comfy! I still had my frenchies that sat under my bump and looking better in certain outfits but a majority of ffs find I wore my granny pants πŸ˜‚

This is my new favourite!! As you already read, I love coconut oil and it seems to fix everything!! So my favourite gel (eco style) with coconut extract is perfect! It holds well, doesn’t flake, and smells absolutely heavenly 😍 It’s perfect for shine and although has a maximum hold doesn’t leave you with stiff or damaged hair. I can’t say I’ve found any fault with it at all and this product is definitely 10/10. 

This is the best thing I’ve used in the past year !! Absolute godsend! It’s a facial scrub & mask in one & honestly after I wash it off I feel instant results! Totally affordable and the bottle goes a long way ! I would urge anyone to give it a try but I use it every other day & it’s so key! The last trimester has not been kind to my skin but this is definitely helping bring back my natural glow! πŸ‘πŸΎ

This is the Baby Box ! It has  baby gift bag in it with bits & pieces for bubba & a mattress that acts like a mini crib. They are given to every woman who have a baby under the NHS. The only thing is they don’t always offer it so feel free to ask your midwives. I’m using mine as a keepsake box but it’s honestly helpful !