Fashion In Pregnancy… 🌸

I am NOT a fashionista however I have watched my style change through my pregnancy, some of it out of comfort & some out of… I dunno…. I guess my Motherly Maturity! 

I’ll be posting my favourite items & outfits! 

So I recently bought these babies! Up until then I was spending my pregnancy in birkenstocks as everything else seem to leave me with sore feet at night. I needed something flat but not too flat & something without a hard material! Behold, The Jordan Eclipse! Comfy & Trendy! I will definitely be getting them in the black! I only wish they came in more colours! 

TGIF Toilet Selfies….

So this is my outfit most of the time, black! Feels good to have my natural hair out but still need to keep it protected. My sister in law introduced me to Cantu Edge Control & I absolutely love it along with my main Eco Styler Gel. Pregnancy hormones have definitely given my hair extra growth however I need to give it a good treatment and trim my ends! River Island High Waist leggings are my favourite pregnancy bottoms. I currently have 9 pairs 😂 I only wish they came in more colours because people probably think I’m some tramp and just wear the same thing over & over 😂 but for £10 they are totally affordable and comfy and they also come in various lengths like S (short) R (regular) & L (long). My plain black vest is from new look and the material is stretchy and soft. I can’t remember how much exactly but again, affordable (under £5). As for my lil jacket thing lol PRIMARK! funny enough even though I debated about giving primark my £20 it’s become and essential as I can’t wear heavy or normal length coats and I get hot very easily. All in all, happy bunny! 

So my dear friend got married to her dream man and the dress I had bought 3-4months earlier no longer fitted 😒 Although I’m not HUGE (I’m actually disappointed I don’t look very pregnant) I took the chance to revamp my wardrobe 😂 Even though the idea of heels was daunting (my balance is horrendous) I still wanted to look dressy. So I bought this stretchy dress which was lace at the top, still making me feel sexy and paired it with gold heeled black pumps. Even though these were not all nighter shoes I was pretty happy with the time I did in them and with my overall outfit. So I can safely say this outfit was a success for me! 😊

The weather seems to be very indecisive (British end of autumn & winter) and as a result you get cold and dry windy days, then mild and wet days. Turtle necks have become my favourite! I wear a vest (or 2) underneath and therefore don’t need to wear a massive winter coat (I’m not a coat person) but still stay warm and cosy. This particular black turtle neck in my picture is from River Island and is lovely and thick. There are some thinner options at New Look but I rather this material. I own about 6/7 black ones so I think it’s time to invest in other colours 😂

This little number is a blue velvet halter beck dress from Missguided. This was my baby shower outfit 😊 It was ankle length and had a thigh to ankle split on the right. Material was thick but wasn’t hot and I’m glad I was comfortable. I wore socks with slippers (don’t grill me it was cold as hell 😂) but all in all I’d say this is a 10/10 for me. I also had my face beat by professional MUA who you can see done a wonderful job. As for the hair, that was all me! 😬

At this point of British winter it is so vital to stay warm! I can honestly say I’ve lived in long sleeve turtle necks! So far my favourite fits have been from new look & with the Christmas/new year sales I bought a whole load for £3 each! They go with everything 😂

These button up pj shirts are basically what I live in now. Keep me warm without sweating, not restrictive and keeps me decent without needed bottoms. So much better when you need the toilet 300 times a day!!

Winter time is in full effect yet here I am wearing my Birkenstock slides 😂 my ankles have started to swell & all other footwear makes me very uncomfortable. My 100th pair of high waisted leggings are always on. My khaki top is from misguided & was undeniably comfortable & will be worn after I have lil man.