What a week…🌸

Well the past week has been beautiful & peaceful…

So my handsome young king had his immunisations!! I was by far more of a nervous wreck than him! The doctor done a quick check, his legs, stomach, back and reflexes and I wheeled him through to the nurse. I definitely felt like Judas, walking him into what I knew would hurt 😭I bought him Calpol as a precaution as I read up about one of the side effect being a fever. I went to boots & looked through the baby medicine. Calpol was the only brand that did 2months+! All the others (including boots own brand) started from 3months+ which I found so stupid since their shots are given at 8 weeks πŸ™„
Anyway, I sat him down on my knee & she gave him the first shot. He literally jumped & instantly screamed which was bittersweet. It was horrible that my baby was hurt & obviously shocked but it meant he was too upset & worked up to feel the next 2. By the time she put the plasters on my lil man was smiling & breaking her heart. Myself, not so good. She had to get me tissues 😭😭 Luckily, I live across the road from my GP so I was able to go get home within 4 mins, give him calpol & give him cuddles. He wasn’t really upset (actually I was) & went straight to sleep for his normal afternoon nap. The nurse had warned that the hepatitis B shot normally causes the fever so ensured he was in light clothing & no heavy blanket. He was ok up until when he woke up next in the night, where he was crying more than usual and very fussy. Thankfully, his temperature stayed at its normal range and I even took him swimming for the first time 2 days later. 

He was uncertain about the water at first but soon got into it and had everyone at the pool dying to take him home! 


My lil prince is now in size 1 pampers and is gaining weight at a healthy rate. He’s still quite small to everyone else but is a lot bigger than a few weeks ago! He’s vision has him looking at people and objects more focused and is laughing in response to people talking to him. He is so long now and I’ve decided to take him out his Moses basket and he will start sleeping in his cot. My partner & I put the cot up this week (I just handed him screws πŸ˜‚) so I’m excited to put him in! He wiggles and shuffles so much & is so determined to try and crawl. He is also holding his bottle himself & burps so easily! He is very alert & is always lifting his head up or trying to sit himself  up !

I have used Water Wipes since he was born and absolutely love them & have found them to be great on his skin. I even use them to wipe his milk tongue! But I have found these Huggies Newborn Wipes the perfect alternative ! They are cost effective and possess the same properties ! I absolutely love them and would recommend them to any mummy! 


Honestly, time is flying by and my young king is just growing sooooooo fast! I love him more & more everyday which seems impossible but honestly I’ve never experienced love like this! β™₯️β™₯️β™₯️

– A Love Filled Muva πŸ”₯


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