It’s been a while…🌸

It’s been a few weeks since I last wrote anything so it’s time to update you on the next chapter…!

My young king is currently 9 weeks old and he is the most beautiful person I have ever laid eyes on 😩😍 he is such a character already and makes me smile every day without fail! When I last posted, I was working on his weight & eating, which has picked up tremendously! πŸ’ͺ🏾 He currently weighs 8oz11 which is such a leap from his birth weight. πŸ‘πŸΎ 

I’ve realised just how demanding breastfeeding is and over the  past few weeks I have reduced the breast. With my son growing his demand has grown so much that my boobs can’t keep up 🀣 he gets really upset and finds it frustrating to latch on & it becomes a monumental task for the both of us. I now breastfeed for his first feed in the am & last feed at night & bottle feed during the day. As he was struggling with feeding when he was younger & had constipation the first week or so, he started to drink Aptamil Comfort which is a special formula for colic & constipation. I now mix it with the normal Aptamil First Milk). He currently has changed to a medium flow teet as he is soooo greedy πŸ˜‚Sometimes drinking these special formulas alone can cause baby to be lazy with their bowel movements when weaned off. I’ll be very honest to say, when he poos at times the explosion is real 😩but I rather out than in πŸ˜‚ he doesn’t open his bowels everyday, his routine is every 2-3 days. If he is straining a lil (you’ll see the concentration on his face) then I let him take 3-4 sips of warm water (the Midwife’s will tell you not to put its fine as long as it’s a small amount) and he has instant relief within 10 minutes (be prepared for that bath life). 

I give him a bath at this point every other day & he lovvvvveeessssss it! I only use pure olive/coconut oil in his hair & I absolutely adore the Aveeno Baby range. I’ve also used Simple Baby All-in-1 wash which which I also like on his skin. He is still in size micro in nappies & goes through about 6 on average a day. 

My lil man is not a chubby boy but is sooooooo long! He’s too long for Newborn Sleepsuits but too small for 0-3 months so he’s currently got a mixed wardrobe πŸ˜‚ I love putting him in the little outfits on the day & sleepsuits at night. He still wears micro size nappies but I’m hoping to put him in size 1s next week! 

My lil man has his full head of hair & it’s getting longer & thicker Week by week ! I only use organic olive or coconut oil & I think the key is keeping their hair hydrated. 

Makhairo is still sleeping in his Moses basket however I am putting up his cot this week as he is sooooooo long! He finds it easier to fall asleep on his front & shuffles a lot when he’s fighting the sleep. As a result he can travel from one end of the basket to the other πŸ™ƒ he goes to sleep anytime between 23.30-1.30 & isn’t up until 8.30. β™₯οΈπŸ™πŸΎ I still love watching him sleep and can’t get over the fact he’s mine! Nowadays he fights his sleep & can become fussy but he normally nods off if I place him on his front. (The NHS advise you to not let them sleep on their front as they can be sick & inhale it & choke to death.) I let him sleep on his front in the day when I can keep an eye. At night I wait for him to fall asleep then turn him on his side. He’s such a happy & content baby & makes my heart melt daily! He is starting to gain focus in his sight & is following  movements. Although he smiled before, it was involuntary whereas now he smiles as a result of me playing & talking with him. 

Makhs is having his injections and I must say, I’m so nervous! I’ve bought Calpol (2months+) as a precaution. I’m hoping that all goes well but I was nervous about the amount he’s having (3 injections & 1 oral liquid). I didn’t know a lot about them & was directed to The Green Book. It’s the government website with all information about immunisations. I’ll definitely include his reactions in the next update! 

As for me, I suffered from a 2nd degree tear in labour (I didn’t realise) & received stitches which completely dissolved with 10/11 days. To be honest, I forgot I even had them & had no limitations. At 4 weeks postpartum I was checked & given the green light to return to normal physical activity (gym,sex ect). Since then I have been eating healthier and feeling full of energy (I think your child naturally pumps you up). I find my appetite a lil rubbish & getting used to a new routine it’s easy a lot of days to remember to eat πŸ™ˆ I also recognise I am getting a lot more sleep than other Mummy’s so I use it o my advantage. I’ve also got this constant urge to tidy up πŸ˜‚. With breastfeeding I realised drinking plenty is key. Any days I haven’t drank enough normally causes me to suffer from really intense headaches & I don’t produce enough.  

All in all, I couldn’t ask for a better baby! Everywhere I go I’m reminded how blessed I am by the constant compliments & smiles. 

-Extremely Blessed & Humbled Muva Nae🌸


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