Sleeping With Lil Man…🌸

 So my young king is 23 Days Old… Nearly a month old 😩😩 where has the time gone ⁉️​

My boy has learnt so much in such a short space of time & is changing everyday ! He is such a peaceful & delightful little boy it makes my job as mummy soooooo easy. He hardly cries & feeds so well. With his head full of hair & eyes full of sparkle, I literally fall in love with him more & more ! 

I remember throughout my pregnancy people saying “you have a night baby” or “he’s gonna give you hell at night” because my son always seemed to be up between 12-6am 😩 but he’s actually not a night owl 🙏🏾

My normal day routine…..

6-7am- Feed (Breast) & Clean/Change & Sleep

10.30- Wake Up 
11am- Feed (Breast & Bottle) & Express
11.30- Change 

2pm- Feed (Breast & Bottle) 

2.30pm- Change

3pm- Sleep

6pm- Wake Up

6.30pm- Feed (Breast & Bottle)

6.45pm- Change

7pm- Sleep
9.30-10pm Wake Up

10.30pm- Feed (Bottle) & Express

11pm- Change & Clean

11.30pm-12am- Feed (Breast) & Express

12am- Sleep 

5.30-6am- wake up

I’m so appreciative that my young king has such a settled routine & we’re both in sync. He literally is such a sweetheart & makes my life so simple. This lil boy LOVES his sleep, so much so, that a majority of the time I wake him to be fed or changed. He will literally sleep non stop! The only thing that’ll wake him is a cold wet wipe to the bum! 😭 but I’m happy for him to as much as he likes because it won’t last forever 😩😂 

I cannot stress enough just how key breastfeeding has been for me! It’s such a bond & it is so important to keep it up! If you do bottle feed a big piece of advice would be to talk to your bubba & make as much eye contact as possible. It also encourages the sleep because they seem to get the ‘Itis’ easy 😂

My lil man currently sleeps in his Moses basket but after his 6am feed he normally sleeps in the bed with me ♥️ A word of advice would be try to let them sleep on their own if you can because they slowly get accustomed to sleeping with you. My lil man has recently been introduced to the dummy (his new bestie) & it helps settle him to sleep. I realised just like us, he sleeps better after a wipe down/bath & he normally falls asleep in his drunken state on the breast 😂 He doesn’t cry much & definitely doesn’t fight his sleep, when he’s tired he goes, no debating 😂 he also sleeps pretty well in his pram, car seat & just generally anywhere comfortable enough. 

All in all, my lil man is a good sleeper & gives me no cause for concern 😊

– A Well Rested Muva Nae 🌸


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