Labour, Part 2 of 3…🌸

This is my favourite post to date & probably ever will be! It’s also my most honest, open & surreal chapter. Although the journey of birth is magical in general, I’m absolutely in love with how my son came into the world. It’s so special to me and such an experience that there are very few words to compare it to…. 

First of all, labour is amazing! Not because I’m about to tell you about a perfect and painfree experience πŸ˜‚ far from, but to know you’ve carried a human being for some time, wondering how they’ll look, how they’ll smell, how they’ll behave & all will be revealed within a few hours (hopefully 🀞🏾). Honestly, it’s also mentally, the longest chapter of the story. You’re so nervous and excited that it makes labour drag. But I promise, it’s sooooooo worth it! 

So I came into my maternity triage 9am feeling excited, nervous, nauseous, anxious & every nerve wreckingly excited emotion you can think of. Even though I had read the information booklet, spoken to others & researched it, the idea of being induced was so alien & I had no idea what to expect ! 

They checked my observations and picked up on my nerves so had the lead consultant come speak to me about my concerns and worries. He put me at ease and made me feel a little more confident in the process and with my care and ultimately my son’s care being in his hands. 

Originally I had planned to be in the birth centre and be in the water before I delivered but due to my waters already leaking and my high risk of infection, I was no longer allowed to follow that plan. I felt disappointed but was happy to do whatever was necessary for safe arrival of my young king. 

Again due to my waters leaking early, I could only be physically induced on the actual labour ward instead of the induction bay I was currently in.

Once I was in my side room in the labour induction bay, I was placed on the trace machine to see lil mans heart rate which was within its normal range showing he was a happy bunny ☺️

Now I’m about to get real personal….. πŸ˜‚

2.30pm- The midwife inserted Propess (pessary tablet) into the neck of my cervix. It realeases the hormones that soften the cervix, preparing it for labour. It was uncomfortable but not painful to insert. It’s like a mini tampon & they leave the string out so they can remove it when necessary.

2.45pm- I had to sit on the trace machine another half an hour after to ensure lil man wasn’t distressed. 

3.30pm- I was taken off the trace machine & decided to go for a walk with my mummy around the hospital. We decided to go & eat some lunch as I hadn’t eaten since breakfast & wanted to keep my strength. After eating, I began to feel period like pains but was still able to walk around & get back to my side room. I realised I had the urge to wee every 6-10 mins but couldn’t sit on the toilet as usual πŸ˜‚ I had lean back at an awkward angle. The pressure was insane!! 

4.30pm- I felt like something was coming out every time  I went for a wee & was paranoid my lil man would drop out πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I had them check me & they pushed the Propess a little further up. 

6.30pm- Contractions were really strong & close together! Literally thought my uterus was going to jump out πŸ˜‚ I’d like to believe I have a strong pain threshold but these contractions were NOT a joke whatsoever. I think with them being so close together gave me little time to recover mentally between each one. The pelvic pressure meant I couldn’t just sit up in the bed anymore & found more relief from strolling around my room. I was also sick twice which funny enough relieved the pain temporarily, but non the less continued straight after.

Side note; I realised from I was booked in all the staff ENCOURAGED an epidural. Now I had done my research & my opinion was I didn’t want it & I’d try to do without it… 

7.00pm- The contractions were every 2 mins & I was struggling to maintain a calm & collected attitude πŸ˜‚ hot flushes had me feeling like I was being smothered, pelvic pressure had me unable to stay still longer than 0.0000001 seconds & the contractions had me weak in the legs but yet I pursued in walking around the room. At that point I asked for gas & air, the pain was a solid 7/10 & I was literally struggling. The midwife was reluctant to give it to me as she explained, induction was a 24 hour process & without me accepting the epidural later on, it was too early to take the gas & air so I decided to try be soldier of the year & ride it out πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ well…

7.30pm- I was bloffing…..I was sick again & then felt relief for about 15 minutes… I was lying upside down off the bed & to be fair probably looked like a character in The Poltergeist πŸ™ƒ my mum was reassuring me & rubbing my back which now felt broken & one of my best friends was fanning me fanatically with a sick bowl πŸ˜‚ I literally felt like I was melting at one point but was in too much pain to care. 

8pm- I agreed I’d put an epidural in my plan & my mum looked at me like 😳 I said “giiirrrllll I just want the gas & air” πŸ˜‚ I’ve had gas & air before for something else so I knew I needed to pace myself to not feel totally out of it. I decided to use the gas & air for every 3-4 contractions. At that point I guess I was abit tired as I wasn’t breathing well & making the most out of the gas & air until like an hour later. My advice is when you inhale, hold it in for the whole contraction, that way you’re getting the most out of it. 

9pm- I was still in the same condition & really just felt uncomfortable & unable to concentrate on anything for more than 3 seconds. I asked for the next form of pain killers but decided to try ride it out. 

10pm- I asked for the next form of relief which is an injection called pethadine. At this point I would say my contractions felt continuous, like no break in between. The pelvic pressure had me rushing to the toilet every 5 minutes making me think I needed to wee. My back pain was horrible but again mostly pressure. If I could describe it, I’d say I felt like I had gas in my back and really needed to fart πŸ˜‚ it was like an air bubble was sitting between my cheeks & causing pressure. I literally was breathing in the gas & air, jumping in and out of bed & was so unsettled that I didn’t feel her inject the pethadine into my outer thigh. I was convinced I could feel something at the top of my vagina every time I went toilet so I asked her to check me. She said I was 2cm dilated. I was so annoyed  πŸ˜‚ I was like are you serious? Only 2? I even told her check again & she laughed πŸ˜’ I was being serious. At that point I said to my mum go home, eat some food, shower & come back as she’d been there all day. She was reluctant but myself & my girl told her it’s gonna be a long night! Go! My mums is about 8 mins from the hospital. They removed the Propess & mummy went home. 

10.25pm- I was lying on the bed & leaned to my left as one of my contractions came & felt this sudden gush of fluid between my legs. It actually frightened me and I started to slightly panic & asked my girl to call the midwife & sucked in some gas & air. She came in and chuckled & said, “my dear, that is the rest of your waters. It’s a good sign, it means he’s coming don’t worry”. I was shocked to look down and not see a river on the bed but just a big wet patch on the sheet. I calmed down & went back to trying to take long breaths. 

10.45- I went to the toilet for the 1500th time and felt this suddden urge to push. It’s almost like wanting to poo after being constipated (sorry TMI) πŸ˜‚ but the urge was so strong it was like my body was doing it without me telling it to. I went back to my side room & told my girl who gave this look like, wth πŸ˜‚ so she rushed to get the midwife. She told me not to push & I remember shouting I can’t help it! I need to push. She put on her gloves to do her check, so much was happening I didn’t even feel it & she said “hunny, you’re 8cm !!” Immediately my girl called my mum & I swear I could hear the front door on the phone slam πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚  

11.15pm- My midwife told me not to push and to breathe as she was going to get the coordinator. She came a few minutes later, had a look & said “right, it’s time to meet your lil man!” At that point there was a sudden rush to get me to the labour room. I remember watching the ceiling & lights rush above my head as they wheeled my bed through the ward. My girl was comforting me and hobbling with my hospital bags & directing my mum. I tried sucking the gas & air only to realise it wasn’t plugged into the wall anymore πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ the way I was screaming “omg where’s my gas and air gone? You ran out? Whys it not working?!” Once wheeled into the delivery room my mum popped up & I watched as everyone seemed to spring into action. My midwife directed me & put my legs on the stirrups. With being high as a kite, instructions felt impossible to process.

11.30pm- The first push. I remember from watching one born every minute (yes I was obsessed) they say put your chin to chest so I decided to do that. I held the bed & pushed. I remember pushing and thinking what down there looked like & could they see ect πŸ˜‚ all I know is I shaved & waxed in preparation so I felt pretty good about the view πŸ˜‚ I pushed till I thought it was ok (dunno why I thought I knew wth was going on) and they said “longer on the next one! Just keep going”. So I pushed on the next one until all my stomach muscles probably formed a 6 pack & released for literally 5 seconds did it again.  My mum & girl we’re excited saying we can see his head, keep going! You’re doing it! My midwife then told me to grab the back of my thighs instead of holding the bed as it makes it easier for me to push. I ignored her for a while, firstly because I was trying to concentrate on the pushing & second because I was still high as hell πŸ˜‚ but once I did that she was right, pushing became that little bit easier.

11.42pm- The last push. I felt this stinging sensation. Nothing excruciating, I’d say 4/10, and everyone shouted “his heads out!” Now I thought the head was the worst part but honestly it wasn’t that bad & I felt the relief of pressure. After that I was told not to push just pant lightly. 

11.44pm- My son slid out & cried instantly as he opened his eyes. As he was wiped & placed on my naked chest, I felt instant unconditional love. 

Happy Birthday Son πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‚πŸŽˆπŸ’™

-Happiest Muva In The World Nae 🌸


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