Induction, Part 1 of 3…🌸

What a way to start my 2017 😁…

So as you may have recalled from my previous post, my waters started leaking around 2 weeks ago at a very slow pace so I was under observation and had scans to ensure the rate was not detrimental to myself & more importantly my son. 

For anyone who doesn’t know, your amniotic sac is the only protection between baby & the rest of the world. When those fluids leak or break then your lil blessing is at risk of infection. 

To ensure I was protected & so was he, I was placed on a 10 day course of antibiotics. Once I returned at the end of the course, I was told I was going to be induced 3 days later! 

Now, as excited as I was to meet lil man (and I mean so excited I was near to crying), I was scared about being induced & the risk factors of him being born slightly early. (36+4). The midwives & registrar assured me that he was a healthy boy with no risk factors in regards to his survival rate outside the womb (magic to my ears 🙌🏾). 

With him being full term, having the steroid injections for his lung growth (28 weeks) & the fact he was very active meant there was little concern for his arrival. 

Soooooooooo my induction was booked 🙊 

I went home & went into overdrive! Checking and repacking the hospital bag for him, shaving (yes I like to be presentable 😂) & making sure I was ready for Friday. The excitement was real but so were my nerves. I read my induction booklet like it was the bible & realised I had a few questions before the process started.

– A Nervous Muva Nae 🌸


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