Knackered is an understatement…🌸

Where the hell do I start?…..

The past 2 weeks has definitely been nothing short of a test of my endurance & sanity. 

So as you may have realised pregnancy has it’s fair share of cramps and pains as the body tries to make way for your bubba. I’m used to muscular pain now and most the time it just feels like I’ve had an intense gym session πŸ˜‚ However with UTIs becoming so regular they can cause some unsavoury pains in the abdominal area & can often feel like period pains πŸ˜’ 

Recently, I’ve been complaining about pains in my rib and chest & I’ve had extremely horrendous acid reflux which makes me physically sick 2/3 times a day. As a result I was admitted for dehydration 2 weeks ago and again last week and was given antibiotics as they believed my kidneys weren’t flushing correctly. Upon examination they also realised my cervix had released a hormone that can indicate early labour (within the next 2 weeks) so I was given a steroid injection which helps mature my sons lungs as a precaution if he does make an early appearanceπŸ™ƒ As you can imagine I am knackered & been trying to rest up before xmas 😴

After having a pain a day or 2, today I couldn’t take anymore & became short of breathe & the pain rocketed, so I called my maternity triage who told me to come in. I did & behold, I’ve been admitted again 😭 I might aswell get my own parking space & ID card πŸšΆπŸΎβ€β™€οΈπŸ˜‚

After seeing the doctor, she decided she was concerned about my chest pains & wanted to rule out a blood clot in the lungs. So they took my bloods (I’m surprised I have any left) & she tried to do a special blood test where they measure the oxygen levels by withdrawing blood from the artery in your wrist instead of your vain. This particular sample would then give a reading as to how much risk I’m at for blood clots. I’m telling anyone reading this now, MOST PAINFUL THING EVER !!! I do blood tests & injections with ease but this shxt made me burst out crying like a little girl 😭I’ve never felt pain like that and I’ve had surgery & all sorts πŸ˜“πŸ˜₯And after she told me she couldn’t get anything, can she try my other wrist 😳😢 let’s just say that test will not be completed 😊 8 hours on and I have swelling in the wrist & cant clench my fist πŸ€•

Long story short for me to have the scan to check for blood clots, I have to take blood thinners so I had an injection before bed for that & I’ll find out in the AM if my scan will be this week or not.

I’ve gone for a stroll to make me tired as myself & my son are wiiidddeeee awake! It has literally got the point where I’m counting down days to 36 weeks (full term) to beg to be induced because my body is struggling. Mentally, I’m scared. Even though my prince is healthy, I am worried about being too weak to push or bare natural labour. Up until now I’ve given a caesarean a very mild approach & although I’ve educated myself on it & it’s physical routine I haven’t actually mentally accepted it as a possibility. Thankfully my doctors & midwives have said they’re confident for me to have a natural labour but I should consider my plans if a C section is needed due to my health or the fact I am tired. 

Lack of sleep has been the norm for about 7/8 weeks now but with the sickness & body pain I’ve been trying to rest during this last part of the journey. Everyday activities are becoming limited and it’s making me moody, irritable & anti social. I’m glad I’m at family’s to ease some pressure & help me out. They’re absolute diamonds & I’ve never appreciated them so muchβ€πŸ™πŸΎ

So basically……I’m not too great but not doing the worst. I’m happy I’m not huge & I’m not carrying a big baby πŸ˜‚πŸ™πŸΎ (that’s my biggest fear, pushing out a bubba over 7lbs 5oz). I’m thankful my son is healthy & not budged yet πŸ˜‚ This lil man is definitely putting me through my paces but wouldn’t have it any other way! πŸ’™

– A very bruised & battered Muva Nae 🌸


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