Unsettled Night…🌸

It is 6.47 & I’m physically crying for sleep. I have done all nighters many a time before, finishing coursework, night shifts, Nottinghill Carnival Sunday-Monday with little to no sleep. Never have I been this knackered or desperate for sleep in my life!! 

So I’m sitting here with my phone in my right hand and buttered cracker in my left contemplating how the fxck I’m going to survive the next 9 weeks 🤔😩 

My braxton hicks seem to have been triggered off and I’m literally just laughing at myself & how much I’ve taken pregnancy for granted before I actually got pregnant. 

I’m so confused & weak at this point I’ve called my daddy, woken him up & literally bawled down the phone while hanging over the toilet bowl. As usual he’s given me the best advice (crackers & hot ginger tea) & calmed me down. I think I’ve scared him because he hasn’t heard me emotional or cry my WHOLE pregnancy and he’s whatsapp messaged me twice since. ❤️

If you read my last post you would recall me being unwell and being unable to stomach anything last week. 

I went to the hospital Monday where I was admitted for dehydration & my son’s bad positioning (gets that from daddy 😂). Once I was admitted they found I had (yes for the 5th time) a UTI that hadn’t even started properly. I’ve been on antibiotics ever since. 😒 I’m also on medication for my acid reflux and the nausea it causes. So I currently have added to my home pharmacy collection 🙄 
Let me illustrate my night thus far…

23.30, Went to bed

1.35, Woke Up With Cramps

1.40, Play candy crush until tired or cramps pass. 

2.18, I’m still awake with cramps. 🙃

2.58, the first run to the toilet. 💨

3.15, cramps have eased 😊

3.30am, must have fallen asleep 💪🏾

4.10, second of 9 trips to the bathroom. Yes, you read correctly, 9. I have vacated to the sofa downstairs as I’m physically too weak to keep making the trip to toilet from upstairs. 

5.19, called my maternity triage. It turns out Cefalexin (antibiotics) does not always agree with everyone’s digestive system. Unfortunately I have 4 days left on the course and apparently need to finish it 🙃

So now I’ve finished browsing instagram, facebook, twitter, snapchat & googled pregnancy and birth stories I am attempting (attempt number 3578999) to go back to sleep. 

So as much as I know it’ll all be worth it in the end, nights like these make that difficult to believe & can seem virtually impossible. 

Wish me luck 😒

– Poorly Muva Nae 🌸


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