Baby Shower weekend…🌸

So Sunday was my baby shower! So much in the week leading up to it was stressing me & had me ready to cancel but I’m glad I didn’t because I enjoyed it sooooo much!

A couple days before I was feeling unwell & unable to stomach anything and that continued through the day of my shower! As a result I was running late to do everything but I’m glad my cousin Jay & friend Rellz were on top of it & sorted it out! One thing I’m very grateful for is reliable people ❤️ 


As I sat down to get my face beat by the MUA my dream team of Jay, Rellz, Cass, Paige & Chen sprung into action setting up the decorations and setting the tables and I couldn’t be happier! They know me too well! In between my sick trips to the toilet and getting face done my daddy popped up with gifts and drinks aswell !! I was so happy to have so many hands on deck!

We played some lovely games, the first was a baby grow decorating contest! Everyone wants given plain baby grows they had to design on and I picked the best one. We also bought jars of baby food and the guests had to guess what they were which was hilarious to watch! We also did a quiz & guess how many pebbles were in the vase. 


As you can see, I also made a Snapchat filter for the day aswell so it was nice to reflect and see all the stories about the day! I also had my good friend do my professional images so I can’t wait to start filling the album! 

And as you’ve probably guessed, my son’s name is Makhai 💙 I don’t know why or what made me dream it up but I’ve been in love with the name since I was around 16 weeks. Daddy isn’t crazy about it but hey, he’s got your surname automatically 😂 All in all it was a good day with plenty food, drinks, music & laughs. 

A very Happy Muva 🌸


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