I feel like this week has dragged…

So, Monday I had my glucose test which I’m glad is a one off πŸ˜’ I arrived at 9am, registered at the desk and was told to take a seat. 45 minutes later a man calls me into one of their blood test rooms and hands me a bottle of original lucozade. (Worst flavour) and told to drink it and come back once I finished it. At this point I was feeling absolutely shxt! Baring in mind they tell you to fast from midnight πŸ˜’I’m forcing this fizzy crap down my throat and eventually finish it and head back to then be told, come back in 2 hours when the glucose has fully absorbed. So I lingered around the hospital and tried to stay away from the cafe & anywhere that had food. By 12.30pm I felt like I was going to pass out and felt so drained. I realised I hasn’t eaten in 12.5 hours, the longest I’ve gone since I’ve been pregnant! 😭 anyway, I went back and they took a blood sample and said they’d call me within 2-3 days if it was too high or low. I ran out of there so fast! I’ve never eaten a tuna toastie so quick in my life and was shocked I didn’t choke πŸ˜‚ but basically my glucose is fine 😊 


So Tuesday & Wednesday were busy days but nothing out of the ordinary so nothing exciting there πŸ˜‚ but Thursday I was out of breathe most of the day, had pain in my back and tightening in both sides of my belly. I went to my local maternity triage and was hooked unto the TOCO machine which I hadn’t been on yet so it was interesting! Anyway it picked up I was having contractions & that I had nothing to worry about (I’ve had BH since around 21 weeks). It seems as my lil man is growing the contractions seem tighter. I have to keep an eye if they become more regular or shorter but for now we’re good 😊

Sleepless nights are not so irregular now 😩 my lil man feels night time is playtime πŸ˜’ I sleep for 2 hours at a time and then I’m up! Towards the end of this week I’ve struggled to stomach everything. This weekend I’ve literally bought everything solid up 😭 it’s so annoying because I’m hungry and it drains me after. Friday I saw my consultant and he’s happy to discharge me back to the midwife and approved me to have my beautiful son in the birth centre! I’m excited now! He also prescribed me with medication for my acid reflux & they’re heaven sent! I haven’t had any acid or even heartburn even after being sick or eating spicy food so I guess that’s another positive for this week! 

Next week is also my baby shower which I’m starting to get excited about! It’s a nice wind down to the year as after that I will be hibernating πŸ˜‚ It will be nice to see familiar faces & enjoy good energyβœ¨πŸ’™

This week has taken it out of me and I’m definitely knackered but it’s one week closer to seeing our lil boy! 

The next month I will be spending putting up his cotbed, putting up his furniture & decorating his space ! I’m starting to get excited & I’m definitely in a more positive mood. There will be bumps along the road & there are complications I haven’t figured out but I’m learning to stress less and worry about things I can actually change! It’s a day by day process now and with the right energy around me, I’ll be just fine πŸ™πŸΎπŸ’™

– Nervous Muva Nae🌸


2 thoughts on “Reflection…🌸

  1. Hooray for getting the tolerance test done! My doctor’s practice had me fasting from 8pm, so I wasn’t able to eat for fifteen or sixteen hours. I got so hungry that I wasn’t hungry anymore. It was ridiculous. I got the message that said I passed though, so I’m happy! I’m celebrating with Christmas mince pies. Too good.

    I’ve been having braxton hicks as well! I was monitored through bloods and traces for three days because of more complications. I was told not to worry about the contractions unless there’s pain with them or if I don’t feel him move for the rest of the day/if he doesn’t follow his regular patterns. I get them every day though, usually 3-5 within ten minutes. I feel ya on the acid reflux as well. I get it a LOT now, and I’ve never experienced it before. I am not a fan.

    Your baby shower will be amazing! I can’t wait to hear about it πŸ™‚ It is definitely a day-by-day thing and you will be more than okay!


    1. Thank you for commenting lovely 😊 honestly the medication I’m taking is magic!! I haven’t had ANY acid reflux and starting to eat properly again! The BH aren’t to bad tbh and I’m glad I recognise them now. I will say that this lil man has really put on weight because he’s getting heavy and the bottom of my belly feels like its dragging! Yesterday I caught a bug πŸ˜’ so I was ill ALL day but woken up somewhat alive but honestly I’m so ready to have him now and I’ll definitely be writing about my shower Monday πŸ’ͺ🏾❀️


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