Beautiful Experience…🌸

As of yesterday I am in my third and final trimester! My God how time has  flown by! My lil man will be making his appearance in a matter of weeks and I feel like there’s so much to do (although I’ve done a majority). I’ve realised I overcompensate a lot and as a result feel like I have more to do than I actually do 😂

Yesterday I booked a 4D scan and I must say it was totally worth it!! I can honestly say it’s a magical experience where you watch your bubba and it’s amazing at 26 weeks they’re so full of life! My lil man was smiling, smirking, covering his face with both hands clasped and looked so comfortable. He was covering his face a lot but the snaps we caught were breathtaking. It was so surreal to be able to see he had daddy’s nose and that he was such a little character! He smirked as if he knew we were talking about him 😂 he sucked him thumb/finger and seemed to be so at peace and settled in. 

Funny enough I was complaining about a lot of pressure the past few days quite low down, now we know why! He’s head down and towards the end he started to really burrow down there as if he had enough and no longer wanted to be disturbed lol he’s very healthy and very active and the lady said he has a lovely smile. You know what that means?! Hide your daughters 😂😂 

For anyone looking to book this experience I would definitely recommend it! I asked the sonographer the best time to do 4d scans and she recommended 25-28 weeks for single pregnancies & 20-25 for twins or multiple pregnancies. The recommendation on their site says 25-30 but the longer you leave it the harder it is to see them as they become big and squashed towards the 28-30mark. Overall, a beautiful and great experience ❤️

My baby shower is around the corner and I’m starting to get excited about it 😊 It will be nice to see such wonderful ladies gather around for the welcoming of my prince 👑 So now I’m ordering and buying and shopping like a madwoman with the help of my bestie & cousin! I’ll definitely show you the final results! 

-Happy Muva Nae 🌸


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