Busy Bee…🐝

So I went for an antenatal appointment today…. very strange as it wasn’t at the main hospital where I normally go and prefer, but in a side hut they called “children’s centre” although ironically I saw no kids lol. Apparently the small framed, pretty in the face and gentle warm handed lady I met was a community midwife and I would have similar appointments when my bubba arrives. Although I didn’t particularly like the venue, it didn’t help it was at the bottom of a dead end side road and it was raining cats and dogs! Times like this I miss my car sooooo much! 

I couldn’t believe the rain today! A day I have no umbrella! A day where temperatures were no higher than 5/6 degrees😢. A day I wore inappropriate footwear πŸ˜’ A day where I had to be out and about. Days like this I wish I could cuddle up with a mug of hot chocoate, a hot water bottle & watch my favourite shows while the world outside suffers. Nope! I was in the thick of it suffering too! 

Back to my appointment, I refused to do a urine sample as I had on 2 pairs of tights & my high waist leggings and simply couldn’t be bothered lol I’ve given enough urine in the past 3 weeks to satisfy R Kelly and just wasn’t in the mood. The funny thing is my the receptionist midwife literally was trying to pressure me soooooo bad. I told her no politely about 7 times before bluntly asking, “Do I have to? Is it a legal requirement ?” She said of course not & I said my original answer is sufficient. She wanted me to explain myself so badly and I found it got on my nerves quite quickly until I just ignored her and she strolled off πŸ˜‚

 I find these Doppler machines so funny. Every midwife has struggled to find my lil bubbas heartbeat. Not because his heartbeat isn’t strong enough but because he literally rolls and attempts to run away from the machine πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ he never stays in one spot very long πŸ™„πŸ˜’πŸ˜‚ he’s just like his dad, doesn’t like to be bothered or interrupted. But he is healthy & active & I’m a happy bunny! 

Later, I went with my mum on maternity tour to see the birth centre in the hospital I’m booked in. I really like the experience and was glad I was able to view the facilities in depth! It defiantly helped me think more about my birth plan and my labour expectations. Although this video has a bath the room I’ve selected doesn’t have one. I may sound horrible but I can’t stand the idea of a water birth. I know so many express it being beautiful and a the most natural connection but I really dislike the idea of my bubba coming into the world in that gungy water πŸ˜‚ I don’t even think I’m gonna be one of those mummy’s who kiss and hug my bubba before they’re cleaned off😩 at first I thought it made me a bad mummy but I’ve spoken to a lot of ladies who share the view so I don’t feel so bad. I like the birth centre because it meant I spent the whole journey in one place.
 I found that with the delivery ward, you have your baby and then you would have to be transferred to the maternity ward. Unfortunately, that means you’ll be in a room with 3-5 other women and their babies in a bay. I don’t know how anyone else feels but I can just hear the chaos in the room πŸ˜‚ with 3-5 other babies, mummy’s and their visitors I think insanity would be instant….. I feel like that with just my bubba, daddy and our family πŸ˜‚ but to have your own room, if you have not had a medical emergency, then the intermittent rooms (your own room) cost Β£80 a night 😢😳 yes you heard right! Β£80 a night! And you have to check out by 11am πŸ˜‘ Did someone say hotel πŸ€” Daddy’s can only stay the night during labour and you can only have 2 visitors a bed (they are extremely strict)

The birth centre is my first and favourite option right now! Daddy can stay overnight with no restrictions, you can have up to 4 visitors and they’re very relaxed. Plus it’s a smaller ward, with 4  bath delivery rooms and 4 non bath delivery rooms. I just hope and pray it’s not busy and full up when I come in as you can’t book it! So finger crossed ✌🏾

So as you heard, I had a busy day🐝

-Knackered & Cold Muva Nae 🌸


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