One of those days…🌸

Today has been one of those days. 

A day of restless thoughts, unanswered questions, if, buts & maybes. A day where I have given literally 0 fucks. A day of laze and rest. A day of bed hair & being wrapped in my sheets. A day where I’ve had to remind myself to eat. A day when I’ve been annoyed I had to disturb my comfortable spot to go the toilet. A day where my phone is on don’t disturb. A day where everything and nothing matters. A day of total non productivity. A day of just me and bump. A day of subtle movements and waves in my stomach. A day where not even the coming of Christ could move me. A day I’m existing but not living. 

The funniest thing, there’s no specific reason nor am down or feeling depressed. I just feel like alone time today.

– Muva Nae🌸


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