I have NEVER blogged before so please bare with me lol. 

As you may have realised, I am a new mum to be! 
I was in bed, bored and being kept up by this lil bundle when I decided, why don’t I write about some of the things I’m experiencing?
Pregnancy is no walk in the park! Don’t get me wrong, at 23 I knew being pregnant had it’s risks and complications but physically carrying your prince or princess is a whole different ball game! 
I found out when I was around 6 weeks. That Friday in July, was the end to a week of unexplained sickness. I literally had been throwing up constantly from the Saturday before and was unable to stomach the smells and looks of certain foods. Due to some personal issues,I put my period being late down to stress which I’ve had before. I remember chatting to my girlfriend M, and she said, “take a test, you never know”. I ran from that test for 4 days and on Friday, I walked to Sainsbury’s and purchased a Clear Blue Colour Changing Tip Test. I remember saying to her, “2 tests for £11? How do broke girls afford to not take contraception?” and laughed as I strolled past the huggies, pampers and other non existent products in my world. That was all about to change! 

Going home and weeing on that stick and waiting the 2 minutes felt like agesssssssss.

I remember picking it up, expecting no line just so I could rule it out. And there it was, clear as day! I didn’t tell dad I was doing it, so I came back into the bedroom, planning to take the 2nd test the following morning to be sure. He saw the box, and said, “You took a test? What did it say?” Knowing me for 9/10 years he probably knew the answer from my grin. He opened the box and looked at me in shock and smiled. 

That night was 18+ weeks ago and here I am, 6 months pregnant and simply glowing with excitement!



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