About Me…🌸

img_0397I turned 23 when I was 4.5 months pregnant & honestly, it has been nothing short of an interesting journey! I’m not an open book, but since getting pregnant I wish I had a reliable source (other than mum, aunts, older females and google lol) where I could ask questions, read experiences with individuals I could relate to, just to see if what I was going through was normal or I was crazy!

 So wa-lah! Late night, when my bubba decided to do the usual gymnastics, I began a blog! 

As you may have realised, I am a new mum to be!

I was in bed, bored and being kept up by this lil bundle when I decided, why don’t I write about some of the things I’m experiencing? 

Pregnancy is no walk in the park! Don’t get me wrong, at 23 I knew being pregnant had it’s risks and complications but physically carrying your prince or princess is a whole different ball game. 


Muva Nae 🌸



One thought on “About Me…🌸

  1. Are you a single mum love, I’m 20 currently pregnant due in April and a single mum, you make it all look so easy you should be proud of yourself and your son will be too xx

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